Moving on . . .

Petty I know, especially for someone who doesn’t really blog much, but I hated how my (soon to be) old blog name didn’t match the url. The Eatin’ Wheaton was found at Subtle difference, I know, but maybe it was holding me back from a stellar life as a blogger? Doubtful, since I think about things I’d like to blog about, but rarely get the time (or is that rarely make the time?) to sit down to post something . . .

Anyway, maybe I’m inspired . . .

  • New blog, with matching url (name to be explained later)–welcome to my humble little space. Fancy it is not. Frequently updated, pretty unlikely, but meaningful, when I do, right?
  • I’ll be creating a page (soon, I hope!) with links to my old posts, so hopefully you won’t have to flipflop back and forth between the two sites, too much.
  • I’m even have a twitter account (–not even sure what or how I’ll use that. Probably more of a follower than a “tweeter”, and the occassional “retweet” of something interesting that I find. I really am not a fan of self-promotion, which makes me so hesitant to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but I’m willing to explore it. Advice gladly welcome for any seasoned Twitbirds out there!
About the name . . . 
As chief cook at my house, I am always trying out new recipes on my people (two kids, one husband). Reviews are often generated with the thumbs up system-down, wavering in the middle, or thumbs down. Sometimes the thumbs up meals are rendered with the caveat of, “That was good Mom, but not for my lunch, okay?” Ah, kids, gotta love ’em. You know it is a good day when I get both a thumbs up and request for the leftovers to packed for lunch the next day. This site will be ramblings on my life as parent and cook, and probably things I ponder. Enjoy!


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