March Recipe Round-up

A look at some recent recipes tried and adored at our house. Yes, soup season is in full-force at our house!


Something They Clamored For

photo credit: Allrecipes contributor, Kristi

Fast and Delicious Black Bean Soup: This delicious soup is always a crowd pleaser, and battles ensue for the leftovers. I almost always double the amount as a result. My modifications: I use an orange or red bell pepper. I reserve about 1/4 of the black beans, but do a rough puree using my imersion blender on the the rest before I add the ham and the reserved black beans. It calls for a little simmer time, which I sometimes do over a few hours in the slow cooker on the low setting. Garnish away with sour cream/plain yogurt, cheese, hot sauce, fresh tomatoes, or avocado.


Someday they’ll like it

Photo credit: from USA Today

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili From Kim O’Donnel, Seattle-area chef and author of The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook. I’ve made a number of recipes from this vegetarian cookbook and enjoyed them all. I cut way back on the spice for the girls (using just one adobo chili), but they still weren’t digging it. Silly kids! My husband and I loved it, however, and found the sweet heat from the adobo chiles really nice. I will have to try it again, in hopes of bringing the girls along to the delights of spicy foods. I found this recipe on the USA Today website.


A nice twist on a familiar

Photo from the Hogwash Blog

Yogurt Dip with Dill and Feta: Isn’t that beautiful? I’ve been following Jess Thomson, cookbook author and blogger over at Hogwash for a while now, and the lovely photo and presentation of this dip caught my eye when I saw it back in January. It is a great twist on ranch dip and I loved the feta. She recommends fully-fatted Greek yogurt, but I found it turned out pretty  good using a very thick non-fat Greek yogurt. You could probably also strain another favorite plain yogurt and try that. I made this ahead for a recent ski trip, and the flavors improved as they mingled for a day or two in the fridge. A perfect addition to the après cocktail hour!


Something From the “Easier than I thought” Files

Photo from Food Network

Baked Brown Rice: Knowing the nutritional benefits of brown rice, I’m trying to use it more frequently at home. I’ve found, however, that it never turns out quite right when I make it in my old school rice cooker. It cooks unevenly, leaving some nicely cooked pieces on top, but then a dried out crust on the bottom. I can’t recall where, but I heard about baking the rice and tried Alton Brown’s recipe. Yes, you dirty both the stove top pan and the dish you bake it in, but it’s perfect, every time. 


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