07.23.12: It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Thanks to Jen and Kellee at Teach Mentor Texts for hosting the meme “It’s Monday! What are you reading? From Picture Books to YA”. Check out Jen and Kellee’s site to join in, or see what other’s are reading through their posted links.

This was a quieter reading week for me as we just rolled off a double birthday week at our house. You can imagine the delights from our eight year-old, Small, when a very thoughtful friend gave her a Babymouse poster, mug, and t-shirt for her birthday! Yay!

Book-A-Day Challenge: 72 books

Read to date: 38 books

Days into the challenge: 28 days

Click on the cover images for the synopsis of each book.

Picture Books

A stack of 1953 and 1954 Caldecott medal and honor books. I’ll talk more about them later in the week in my Caldecott Update.

Middle Grade Novel

I enjoyed this one a lot. Upper grade school and middle school kids will be drawn to its theme of justice and loyal friends. Like the first Origami Yoda book, it’s filled with fun doodles in addition to the text. (2011/Harry N. Abrams)

Young Adult Novel

This was my first John Green, and I can see his widespread appeal. Yes, it’s a book about teens with cancer, which at times make it heartbreakingly sad. Green’s writing is smart and witty though, and I didn’t expect to laugh and smile as much as I did. I know that for many readers Augustus was too good to be true, but I was okay with that. Fiction is a great place for us to dream about white knights in shining armor. Be sure to keep your tissue box nearby . . . (2012/Dutton Books)

Ongoing Reading Adventures:

Current read aloud with Tall and Small


Adult biography

I continue to enjoy this biography. Interesting to hear about the people, places, and experiences that shaped White. Recommended by Twitter friend, and fellow reader Linda B.


Middle Grade Novel

After finishing The Fault in Our Stars, I went to the library bag and needed to choose between this and One for the Murphys. Both have been well liked by Twitter friends, but I knew that One for the Murphys was an emotional read. Needing a break after John Green’s book, Eye of the Storm won out, and I’m enjoying the few chapters that I’ve had a chance to read so far. I’ll get to One for the Murphys soon, though!

Next in line . . .

1933 Newbery. Avoided this one successfully last week. . .

What are you reading? Have a great reading week!


11 comments on “07.23.12: It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. The Fault in Our Stars was my first John Green novel too! I quickly purchased the rest of his books and read them. So amazing!

  2. Beth Shaum says:

    Glad you loved TFiOS, but really, how could you not? Although I assumed that everyone would love the book, I gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day and she didn’t care for it. I have come to the conclusion that my mom and I have nowhere near the same taste in books!

    I have a signed ARC of Eye of the Storm from NCTE last year and I STILL haven’t read it yet. What is wrong with me? I need to get on that!

  3. If you liked The Fault in Our Stars, definitely read John Green’s other books! Paper Towns is my personal favorite 🙂

  4. Lorna says:

    Yes, Hannahlily, I plan to check out the other John Green books! I love hearing what people’s favorites are!

  5. The Fault in Our Stars was the first John Green I read. I’m packing Green #3 into my bag for an upcoming holiday. He really writes clever interesting teen characters. I enjoyed Eye of the Storm a lot. Pretty gripping. One for the Murphys is very worth it. I read it one early morning and yes there are tears but wow! Love to hear what you think when you do read it!

  6. John Green as others say too, is just wonderful. I hope more & more teens get to read his books. I’m so glad you’re liking the E.B. White book, which as you know I loved. Charlotte’s Web is the best! And I too have Eye of The Storm, must get to it soon. Thanks Lorna-hope you also like Hound Dog True; I think it will make an awesome read aloud!

  7. I haven’t read any John Green yet (Though I own TFiOS). I know him from his vlog brothers work 🙂

    I adored Eye of the Storm – my students will really love it. They are almost all into science and math as well, and I can’t wait to share it with them.

  8. Hmmm. I am now curious about the biography of EB White. Must add that to the TBR stack! TFiOS was a tear jerker, wasn’t it. I listened to the audiobook of Paper Towns and that one was really good, too. Though when all is said and done his vlogbrothers videos are still probably my favorites.

  9. What a great bunch of books you read this week! Darth Paper is wonderful- I cannot wait for Wookie- and TFioS is brilliant! I hope you decide to read more John Green. Paper Towns is my favorite and Looking for Alaska is a classic.
    How are Tall and Small liking Hound Dog True. I enjoyed it, but I haven’t talked about it with any kids yet.
    Enjoy Eye of the Storm- it is intense!!!

    Happy reading this week! 🙂

  10. Maria says:

    I’m glad to see you’re just now reading Fault in Our Stars, I feel like I’m the lone hold-out! I have it on my list, but it’s a book that would hit a little too close to home right now, so I’m saving it for another time. I have a friend who is an 8th grade English teacher, though, and John Green is one of her favorite authors. She’s been recommending him to me for years, long before Fault in Our Stars came out. I

  11. Lorna says:

    Ha! I see myself as a “late to the party” sort of reader! I can see the appeal of Green, and I look forward to reading others. Everyone seems to have a different favorite. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on it when you’re ready to read. Hope your vacation was wonderful!

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