07.30.12: It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Thanks to Jen and Kellee at Teach Mentor Texts for hosting the meme “It’s Monday! What are you reading? From Picture Books to YA”. Check out Jen and Kellee’s site to see what other’s are reading through their posted links.

Okay, the Olympics are messing with me. My television watching, which is normally close to nothing increases a 1000% during the summer games. These amazing swimmers, gymnasts, and yes, even table tennis players, are wreaking havoc on my reading life. The reading I did do this week was really great though . . .

Book-A-Day Challenge: 72 books

Read to date: 42 books

Days into the challenge: 35 days

Click on the cover images for the synopsis of each book.

Picture Books

This is a simple story of anticipation and change in nature. Erin Stead again, like in A Sick Day for Amos, has created lovely and expressive illustrations that bring this story to life. It would be perfectly paired with a garden unit in the primary grades, though all gardening fans should take a peek. I suspect the Caldecott Committee will at least be talking about this one. (2012/Roaring Book Press)

Fans of Frog and Toad stories from Arnold Lobel or James Marshall’s George and Martha stories should meet the adorable Squid and Octopus. A cute contemporary palette and fun stories on the highs and lows of friendship make for a great picture book. Not quite an easy reader book, but perfect for sharing with primary grade aged kids. (2012/Dial Books)

Middle Grade Novel

Our family read-aloud. This weekend, we visited with our friends at their cabin on beautiful Hood Canal in Washington State, which required ferry rides, and provided the opportunity to finish this sweet book during our wait times. I found Linda Urban’s writing to be very lovely and lyrical but sometimes I stumbled over her unusual, but beautifully poetic sentences. I fear I didn’t do it justice as a read aloud! Maddie in many ways reminded me of our often shy younger daughter, when she says that sometimes she can’t find the words to what she needs to say in situations that make her nervous or scared. I love the principal’s reminder that you can’t have brave without scared, and I’m sure to repeat that one a lot at our house. I’d recommend for grade 4 and up. (2011/Harcourt Children’s Books)


I loved the intensity of this book about a violent storm-filled near future and Messner’s bold choices for the “bad guys”. I can’t wait to book talk this when I serve as the parent Book Fairy in my daughter’s fifth grade class. Boys and girls are going to love this smart science fiction thriller! Grade 4 and up. (2012/Walker and Company)

Ongoing Reading Adventures:

Adult biography

I should be wrapping this up in the next day or so. I love all of the research he did on spiders for Charlotte’s Web! So much time, care, and love went into making this masterpiece.

Next in line . . .

For the Newberry Challenge, 1933 Medal winner. I’ve been talking about starting for two weeks, but today, I REALLY pick it up at the library!

I need to have a “reward” book in sight for after Young Fu and I’m trying to decide between the ARC copy of The Great Unexpected I received from Sharon Creech and Harper Collins Children, or One for the Murphys. Gosh, maybe if I turned off prime time coverage of the Olympics, I could get it all done!


What are you reading? Have a great reading week!


9 comments on “07.30.12: It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. Ms. Yingling says:

    Loved Eye of the Storm! Didn’t know there was a new Sharon Creech– I’ll have to take a look!

  2. And Then It’s Spring is still one of my favorite 2012 picture books. It’s just lovely. The E.B. White book looks really fascinating. I must see if my library has it!

  3. Bev says:

    I know what you mean about the Olympics! We do have similar book lists! I’m waiting for the last 2 from the library – can’t wait to read both. The Eye of the Storm looks very interesting.

  4. Hound Dog True is getting lots of good talk, I think I might need to bump this up on my list. One for the Murphys is just as wonderful and powerful as everyone says it is. The ending will stick with you for awhile. On the other hand, the cover for The Great Unexpected is gorgeous, I want to read that one, too. So I’m no help. Whatever your next pick is, enjoy! 😉

  5. Looks like a great reading week! I can’t wait to read Squid and Octopus, they look so darn cute! I love Hound Dog True. Mattie Breen will always stay with me. 🙂 I blame Colby!

    I loved Eye of the Storm and am sooooo looking forward to Great Unexpected and One for the Murphy’s! 🙂

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’m looking forward to The Great Unexpected and One For the Murphys as well! I have OFtM waiting for me at my library, so I need to get over there TODAY!!

  7. Beth Shaum says:

    I have been seeing One for the Murphys buzzed around a lot of blogs lately. It hasn’t been on my radar but I’m thinking it needs to be given how many people seem to be reading it right now.

  8. Well, you can’t go wrong with either Great Unexpected or One for the Murphys! Both are wonderful in my opinion. I really enjoyed Hound Dog True and Eye of the Storm, too.

    I want to read that Charlotte’s Web book you’ve posted about! That looks really interesting!

    Have a great reading week!

  9. Yes, the Olympics is cutting into my time for reading. I’ve got to find a copy of And Then It’s Spring-looks so good. I’ve read or at least have the others. I’m glad you like the E.B. White book. Hope the new Sharon Creech is good! Thanks.

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