72 days, 78 books – My Favorite Book-A-Day Titles

With October right around the corner, summer seems like but a memory, but there are still a few book titles lingering with me from my time spent reading during my kids’ summer vacation. This summer was my second time participating in the Book-A-Day event. I didn’t get to all of the titles I mentioned in my kick-off post, but I blame a bunch of other new titles that cut in line! Needless to say, with 78 books, I did indeed read a lot of great books. Mind you, 78 books sounds impressive, but close to 2/3 were picture books.

  • Picture Books: 53
  • Easy Readers: 2
  • Middle Grade Novels/Chapter Books: 17
  • Graphic Novels: 3
  • Young Adult Novels: 2
  • Adult Biographies: 1

Seventy-two days, seventy-eight books. Here are some of my favorite reads of the summer! Click on the images to get a synopsis of the title at Goodreads.

Favorite author of the summer

Tom Angelberger


Favorite picture books (a mix of fiction and non-fiction)

Favorite Caldecott Books

Favorite Graphic Novel

Favorite Middle Grade Novels

Favorite Newbery Medal Book

Favorite Young Adult Novel

What were some favorites at your house this summer? Please do share!


4 comments on “72 days, 78 books – My Favorite Book-A-Day Titles

  1. Superb selection . . . many of the picture books I have not read, but I’ve requested them already from the library! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lorraine Groom says:

    I love this site — great new ideas for reading time.

  3. Lorna says:

    Hi, Lorraine! Thanks for stopping by the site. You can never have too many good book recommendations–happy reading!

  4. Lorraine Groom says:

    Time is another issue!! Thanks!

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