Treat Tuesday! 03.05.13


It’s Tuesday! I am joining in the fun, created by Niki at Daydream Reader, called Treat Tuesday, where we snap a quick photo of what we are reading and a treat we are enjoying. And thanks to Shannon (aka Ms. Houghton) for the meme logo seen above. Inspired by my Twitter pal, Maria, I’m including what my kids are enjoying as well. Follow all the treat fun on Twitter under the hash tag #TreatTuesday.


The Books

Small (age 8, third grade): Staying Together (Main Street Book #10) by Ann M. Martin. She absolutely adores this series.

Tall (age 11, fifth grade): Tales from a Not-So-Talented Pop Star by Rachel Renee Russell. She dropped everything including her morning chores to read this one when she heard her sister had finished with it. Sigh. Worse problems to have, I know.

Me: Hide and Seek by Kate Messner. I am really looking forward to this one as I loved the last one. As The Book Fairy, I shared Capture the Flag with my daughter’s 4th/5th grade class, so they’re going to be thrilled to see this ARC when I’m done with it!

Photo by 101 Cookbooks

The Treat

Lemony Olive Oil Banana Bread from 101 Cookbooks. I wasn’t sure about the combination of lemons-bananas-olive oil, but it’s the best banana bread recipe I’ve ever made. I make it with and without the lemon glaze on top. I used Heidi’s photo because her bread looks way prettier than mine with her awesome photography and great vintage bread pan collection. Wander over to her site, even if you aren’t a cook . . . her photography of food and non-food things alike are stunning.

Hope you’re savoring whatever it is you’re reading and snacking upon!


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