Treat Tuesday! 04.16.13


It’s Tuesday! I am joining in the fun, created by Niki at Daydream Reader, called Treat Tuesday, where we snap a quick photo of what we are reading and a treat we are enjoying. And thanks to Shannon (aka Ms. Houghton) for the meme logo seen above. Inspired by my Twitter pal, Maria, I’m including what my kids are enjoying as well. Follow all the treat fun on Twitter under the hash tag #TreatTuesday.

The Books and Our Treat!


The Treat — Brownies

The pan is cooling now. My goal is to make sure the pan looks just like this when the kids get home from school. NO SAMPLING! This is a good, go-to brownie recipe: Andrew’s Brownies. My only changes — skip the nuts and undercook it a few minutes.

Small (age 8, third grade)

Curse of Ravenswood Court, by Sarah Masters Buckey. This is one of the titles from the American Girl Mysteries series. Small is decidedly not a “doll” kid, but she is drawn to the books, especially those about the historical character dolls. The girls’ school recently had a book swap, and this was her pick, which has the character Samantha in it. I haven’t read any of the AG mystery books myself, but they are a bit more substantial in plot than the “meet the character” books from American Girl. She described it as, “Really, really, good.” In a related note, Twitter friend, Hannahlily, just today retweeted an interesting article about the American Girl company and how they seem to be putting the historical dolls on the back shelf.


Tall (age 11, fifth grade)

The Hidden Staircase, by Carolyn Keene. The Nancy Drew collection book returns, but this time Tall is re-reading The Hidden Staircase. As I’ve mentioned before, she is big re-reader and series consumer. Any thoughts on that? Just let it be? Push other books? What titles would you recommend to an avid Nancy Drew fan?


Lincoln’s Grave Robbers, by Steve Sheinkin. I’m enjoying the quick paced story about the real attempted robbery of President Lincoln’s tomb from the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Illinois. Much of the story so far has been the back story on the gang of criminals who mastermind this plot to steal the body and get a ransom for its return. Sheinkin does such a great job with narrative non-fiction. This very readable title will appeal to history curious upper elementary and middle school students. 

Hope you’re savoring whatever you are reading and snacking upon!


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