08.26.13 It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Thanks to Jen at Teach Mentor Texts, and Kellee and Ricki at Unleashing Readers for hosting the meme “It’s Monday! What are you reading? From Picture Books to YA”. Head to the It’s Monday post here to link up or see a list of the all the other readers participating in this great meme. You can also follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #IMWAYR!

With the end of summer just around the corner, we’ve packed in a lot of Northwest favorites over the last few weeks like camping, hiking, an outdoor concert, and yes, even some reading! The girls head back to school next week so I expect the next week will be a light reading week as we knock out those last few “summer bucket” list activities and scramble to get ready for those first days back.


My Book-A-Day Progress:

Goal: 75

Read to date: 69

Head to my 2013 Book-A-Day shelf to see all the titles I’ve read so far this summer!

Click the book covers to go to Goodreads for the full summaries . . .

My three favorite picture books . . .

Burks’ pictures made this story work for me. A humorous and monsterly tale of one brother trying to get his sister to stop pestering him.  Recommend for K – grade 3. (2013/Aladdin)


This is a super fun book and Rocco’s 1970s-esque illustrations are awesome. A group of boys are convinced that their long hair is the key to their superpowers. Will the Evil Barber of Doom ruin them forever? The kids become challenged to find out just what it is that makes them truly awesome. Recommend for PreK – grade 3. (2013/Disney-Hyperion)


This is a terrific biography with a great mix of facts, anecdotes, and quirky Beatles sound bites that focuses mainly on their time together from the early to mid-60s. My fourth grader, who loves their music, enjoyed it. The illustrations are awfully fun, too. Recommend for music fans in grades 2-5. (2013/HMH Books for Young Readers)


Finished this early chapter book . . .

Yippee! A great addition to the picture-filled early chapter book offerings with a BOY!! And ALIENS! Zack and his family have just moved from Earth to Nebulon. Lots of changes and a bit of anxiety await Zack as he gets settled in his new home. Kids will love learning about how Zack adapts to his Nebulon life. The first in a series that is filled with large font and great supporting pictures by illustrator, Colin Jack. This is a great choice for emerging readers who are ready to step beyond easy readers in the primary grades. Thanks to Julee at Book Egg for tipping me off to this one. The publisher, Simon Schuster also has a fun website for the series that includes downloadable activities.  (2013/Little Simon)


Finished this graphic novel . . .

Bluffton is the story of a boy named Henry and his summers with Buster Keaton, when he was a young vaudeville star, in the lake resort area of Bluffton, Michigan. Readers will learn about vaudeville life and small town early 20th century living, but it also a story about the good (and occasionally strained) times the two boys shared. Phelan’s lovely water-color illustrations lend themselves well to creating a nostalgic feel. I suspect for the book to be best appreciated, most readers will need to have some background knowledge on the time period, though the author does a terrific explanation of a vaudeville show in the course of the book. (2013/Candelwick Press)


Finished these novels for middle grades . . .

After really struggling with Appelt’s Newbery Honor winning The Underneath, I was wary of this one, but I really enjoyed this light-hearted animal fantasy set in the swamplands of Texas. Despite being 300+ pages, the chapters are short and it would make for a fun read aloud as the narrator has a fun, folksy, interactive “voice”. In digging around for the book trailer for this, I learned that Lyle Lovett, who is a longtime friend of Appelt’s, reads the audiobook!


I really enjoyed this story and think it’s a super choice for kids looking for a Harry Potter-like book with an easier reading level. I couldn’t help but draw some parallels between Harry Potter and this, but it didn’t diminish the story at all for me.  It is the first title in the three title The Magic Thief series. (2008/Harper Collins)


Finished this on audio . . .

Another terrific addition to the Clementine series. I love her authentic spunkiness and the way her parents interact with her. If you haven’t tried any of these titles on audio, Jessica Almasy does a terrific job. Recommend for independent readers in grades 2-4, or listeners 5 and up. Our whole family enjoys Clementine! (2013/Disney Press)

And I continue . . .

Only a half-hour left . . . I love Moose.


This has been fascinating so far. At our house, we’re all over the page on the introvert-extrovert spectrum, but I’ve got one daughter who is very much an introvert, so I’m hoping to gain some wisdom on that parenting front.

Next up . . . one of these:


Do share what you are reading! Have a great week!


7 comments on “08.26.13 It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. I’ve been intermittently listening to Quiet on audio and finding it intermittently fascinating. Will have to get back to it and try to finish. I also adore Clementine–I’m definitely planning to read these books aloud to my sons but haven’t done so yet. Thanks for the review of The Magic Thief. My boys aren’t quite ready for HP as a read-aloud (they’re both ELL); the youngest loves fantasy, the oldest not so much, but maybe he’d be interested in this series. I think we’ll give it a try. They’re just getting to the point where they’re ready for chapter books that don’t have tons of pictures. I will be very glad to give up Capt Underpants and Bad Kitty and move on to other reading! Enjoy the last week of summer break!

  2. Lots of great books this week! I loved Super Hair-O. Teaching at a Catholic school I had lots of boys who loved to grow their hair past acceptable dress code levels. That book was a perfect read when I wanted to tell them, “You’re still cool without all that hair in your face.” 🙂

    I’m having my husband read Quiet so he can better “figure me out”. I had the biggest revelation about myself while reading that book (that being around people is physically draining) so I’m hoping he can better understand my motivations and just how I operate in general.

    I just got Bluffton at the library today and I’m looking forward to reading it.

    I had never heard of that Beatles book before. I’m definitely going to check that one out!

  3. Linda Baie says:

    I hope to read Bluffton soon, Lorna. It sounds (and looks) so special. And I also have “Quiet” (and need it) so soon I’ll begin that book. Have a good start to the year!

  4. Sara Brown says:

    I’ve got to try the Zach series. It sounds perfect for my lower grades.

  5. Lorna says:

    @Sara–Yes, hooray for Zach. I think it will be an appealing series for those youngest of readers. I can’t wait to hear my own 6yo nephew’s review of it!

  6. Lorna says:

    I bet your kids are ready, they’ll enjoy The Magic Thief. Have you read Judy Blume’s Pain and the Great One series? Another good chapter series with siblings that my kids enjoyed.

  7. Lorna says:

    Linda–I’m making so many connections and having lots of ah-has with Quiet and I’m only 1/4th into it. A great one for educators and parents to read!

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