01.27.14 It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Thanks to Jen at Teach Mentor Texts, and Kellee and Ricki at Unleashing Readers for hosting the meme “It’s Monday! What are you reading? From Picture Books to YA”. Head to the It’s Monday post here to link up or see a list of the all the other readers participating in this great meme. You can also follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #IMWAYR!


Click the book covers to go to Goodreads for the full summaries . . .

My favorite picture book . . .

I read a bunch of picture books, many of them “meh”, but this was clear and away my favorite.


Finished Middle Grade Novels . . .

I absolutely adored this. Even my 12-year old daughter, who rarely reads my recommendations, grabbed it and loved it. For the dreamers, theater lovers, and fans of big cities alike. There are mentions of his emerging sexuality (he’s “undecided”, which is just perfect), but aside from some homophobic insults, it is all broached in a non-outlandish and gentle manner. I’m so happy to have this title celebrated at the ALA Youth Media awards with honor nods for The Stonewall Award and The Odyessey (audiobook). Bravo!


I know many who loved this, but maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for its bizareness?


Finished this as a fun read aloud with my 12-year old daughter, Tall.




Last week I started these as read alouds with my kids. Penny is with the nine year old and The Running Dream is with the twelve year old.


Wish I could drop everything to finish this. So different than Eleanor & Park, but so terrific.


Next up . . .

1949 Newbery Medal Winner for my Newbery Challenge.

Do share what you are reading! Have a great week!


10 comments on “01.27.14 It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. It’s one of the horse Newberys! Oh no! I’m still in like Chapter 2 of 21 Balloons. Seriously gotta skim-finish and soon. I am starting to feel like I have blocked reading energy from that book. One of my ongoing reading projects is to read all of the Schneider Family Award books–I really like the different kinds of books I get introduced to from that list. I enjoyed Running Dream and it’s one I’m recommending to several students in my Adolescent Lit class this semester. I was fairly meh about all of our picture books this week too, but we only finished a few, so I tossed them all up on my post today. I’m finishing Doll Bones today with my older son. Not sure what we will read next. So many books vying for our attention! This is his first read-aloud with so few pictures. It’s been a challenge for him, but I think he has really grown as a reader from it. Might do something “easy” like the 2nd Marty Maguire book first, and then try something more middle-grade. Think I’ll start the Clementine series with my younger son. Or read another Ramona book. He’s very into Ramona right now! Enjoy your reading week! (I’ve got to get back to Fangirl too. Stopped reading to pick up Far, Far Away.)

  2. Lorna says:

    Oh, I adore Ramona and Clementine. Have you done any of the Henry Huggins books? I just adore Ms. Cleary. Can’t wait to hear the young reader’s opinion on The Doll Bones. Your first read through, too? We are enjoying The Running Dream, but it is so intense in these early chapters. And why, yes, another Horse Newbery. Wish me luck!

  3. Megan says:

    I am all caught up on my Rainbow Rowell reading. All three of her books are so different, but I enjoyed them all (Fangirl is still my favorite) and can’t wait for more from her! Adult, YA, who cares?! Have a great week~Megan

  4. I have even more motivation to listen to BETTER NATE THAN EVER on audio since it won an Odyssey honor today.

    And THE RUNNING DREAM? Such an amazing book. One in which I hate myself for being a hater of running. I really wanted to love running after reading that book.

  5. Lorna, we haven’t read the Henry Huggins books yet, but we will. I plan to read all of them out loud to my younger one! Well, probably skipping Jean & Johnny and Sister of the Bride, LOL. Yes, my 1st read through Doll Bones. One of my students in Adolescent Lit wants to borrow it, so I am very motivated to finish it up today to be able to pass it along. I love book pushing!

  6. Fats Suela says:

    I bought The Running Dream because I liked Wendelin Van Draanen’s Flipped. I actually like The Running Dream despite the simple plot. The Sixty-Eight Rooms looks like a very good read! =)

  7. Linda Baie says:

    Yes, I agree, Beverly Cleary books are still good aren’t they? Thanks for How To Train A Train-looks fun, Lorna. I need to get to the Nate books, & Fangirl, but just started Far far away, & love it so far. I liked Sixty Eight Rooms. Wouldn’t it be fun to actually see them? Lots of book love today!

  8. Griffiths is definitely an acquired taste. I’m ecstatic for Tim Federle’s recognition today! You’ll love the sequel!

  9. carriegelson says:

    Oh yes, Fangirl is a book you want life to just be on pause for so that you can just read and read and read. I read it in early January so this was possible for me – still holiday time. How to Train a Train is a really great book. A really fun concept! Hope you find some other great picture book titles this week. I hate when I read a whole bunch of mediocre titles in a row.

  10. I bought Better Nate Than Ever, and then poof! A student has had it ever since. 😉 Now I REALLY need to read after yesterday’s awards!

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