Auntie Book Fairy — Capture the Flag by Kate Messner

Today, I am visiting my nephews’ classrooms as Auntie Book Fairy. I visit T’s fourth grade classroom to share Capture the Flag and A’s third grade classroom to share Ranger in Time: Rescue on the Oregon Trail, both by Kate Messner. I will book talk each title and leave copies of each to be a part of their classroom libraries.

 Capture the Flag

Kate Messner

Scholastic Press, 2012

You can even read two chapters from the book right here! How cool is that?

Why I like it:

  • It is super exciting! Almost every chapter ends in a cliff hanger that has you itching to read the next chapter.
  • The characters, Anna, Jose, and Henry are kids, but they’re smart and resourceful when dealing with some pretty bad guys.
  • I love the setting of Washington, DC, The Smithsonian, and the innards of the airport.
  • It’s a series! Hide and Seek (2013) and Manhunt (2014) are just as exciting, but this time the stories take place in Costa Rica and Paris, France.

You might like it if . . .

  • You like mystery books, including Nancy Drew, Sammy Keyes, or John Grisham’s Thedore Boone: Kid Detective series
  • If you like thrilling books with great chase scenes!

Extra! Extra! Want more?

Authors really do use writing planners and organizers! Check out these notes, timelines, and story maps that Kate used while writing Capture the Flag. She even explains what each paper is here.

Or be sure to stop by her the author’s website when you have permission from your teacher or parent!

Other books you might like. . .



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