Welcome to Not For Lunch.

Thanks for stopping by . . . I’m Lorna.

I’m a mom to two girls, both good eaters in-training, and avid readers, just like me.

I am married to a great husband who is a good eater, and thankfully doesn’t mind the piles of books around the house, or the often unwashed dishes in the sink.

Before my oldest was born, I went back to school to get get my teaching credential. The career was short, but I still talk and think about it a lot.

“Stay-at-home mom” is my official title, though I seem to wear a lot of other hats, too, that include chauffeur, chef, laundress, counselor, and school volunteer.

The things you’ll find here:

This blog chronicles my adventures, and often misadventures as I go about the daily tasks of hunting, gathering, and feeding the belly and soul.

I love to read, and have a former teacher’s passion for children’s literature, but gobble up reads for big people, too. I’ll share things that catch my eye on books for kids, literacy, as well as things that I’ve read for “grown ups”.

 I love cooking and want to pass on the passion to my family hoping it leads them to health and happiness. This will be a depository for new recipes I find, some that I modify, and oldies that I love, as well as the occasional opinion on food policy.

About the name of the blog:

“Not for lunch” has become a joke at our house. As the family gives feedback on my home cooking, it is usually with the thumbs up, or thumbs down indicators. If it is favorably received, I of course am delighted and will ask if they’d like some leftovers for their school lunch the next day. Usually, I will receive the reply, “It was good, but not for lunch, okay?” On the very rare occasion where leftovers are requested, I know I have stumbled across a real gem of a family recipe!

I’d love to hear what you are reading and eating, too. Comments are welcome, but keep ’em clean and polite, and don’t try to blatantly sell or promote your stuff.  You can email me at:

notforlunchblog [AT] gmail [dot] com

2 comments on “About

  1. gardenwrites says:

    Isn’t it great to have a husband who is a good eater? 🙂 So is mine, and my children (now teen-agers), are pretty good as well.

  2. Lorna says:

    Yes! Thank goodness for willing test subjects!

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