Old Site Links

Below are links to the posts from the old site . . .


Better to outsource this one –meatball nightmares, March 2011

A healthier muffin? — the quest for a healthier, but tasty muffin, January 2011

Tortilla Black Bean Casserole — finally a casserole they’ll eat . . . sometimes

The delights of rhubarb — Ahh . . . rhubarb. Everymeal. Everyday.

Whoa! She ate the soup — a soup the smallest eater finally liked.

Casserole Phobia — the quest for our version of a family-friendly  casserole continues

Meatless Mondays and finding some yummy calzones — great calzone recipe.

Tortellini Spinach Toss — a quick favorite.

Corn Clam Chowder — a spin on clam chowder

Jamaican Sausage, Sweet Potato, Apple Stir-fry

Some favorite salads — two protein packed favorites at our house

Vegetarian Stuffed Squash — surprisingly delicious

Quick and yummy–Orzo with ham and goat cheese

Cabbage Babbage — a cabbage recipe I actually liked

My new Go-To Frittata Recipe

Nice twist on a fall fruit crisp — great, gluten-free option

Pumpkin Cilantro Quesadillas

Barley Corn Salad — light and yummy

Cheesy, broccoli, cauliflower soup — now that’s a CSA box-friendly recipe!

Thoughts from the kitchen

Favorite Foodie Apps for my iPhone — I should really update this, especially now that I have my well-loved, and food splattered iPad, but here’s a start


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